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PandaVPN Affiliate Program, only invite 5 people

You can get Commission
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Become a PandaVPN affiliate, get commissions and earn cash easily.

Become an Affiliate

Why join the PandaVPN affiliate program?

To earn money at no cost. Earning high commissions would be a breeze.


Higher commission rate, higher income

Earn the highest commissions in the VPN market. Each promotion brings you a lot commissions.


High conversion rate, high proportion of large orders

We will recommend practical packages for users, who will be more likely to buy cost-effective packages, and you will earn more commissions as a result.


Prompt payment, data visualization

You can check the commission from the real-time data on our website, and the whole process is under your control. Once the order is confirmed, the commission will appear in your account in time.

PandaVPN Affiliate Commission Rate

What you earn depends on the subscription plan ordered by each customer you refer and their purchase methods. You can get commissions according to the following proportion:

*Commission simulations do not include "payment platform deductions". Data for reference only.

How many people do you expect to promote? See how much commission you can earn.

Promotion in daily life

Professional promotion


Promote when you use social media. Whether it's an unintentional inquiry about VPN, or a simple passing of information between friends, chances are that earn hefty commissions at no cost.


Get a large number of customers through professional information platforms, Google SEO, etc. You can continuously generate stable and high commission income in flexible methods and this promotion does own really high ROI.


How to become an Affiliate?


Create a PandaVPN account

Simple registration process. No threshold, No identity verification. With just a click of confirmation, you can join us and start making money.


Share your affiliate link

Promote your affiliate link in any way you want, and users who purchase through the link will generate commissions for you.


Withdraw directly from website

According to the rules, after the commission is confirmed, you can directly perform the withdrawal operation from website.

Become an Affiliate